v0.04 - ... Dashing through

This build was focused on developing menus logic, MM dash ability, new SFX, miks spawn point and giving form to the first level.

Made this build all in Portuguese, in the next one I'll try localization settings.
As always, most of the time was spent on learning new features and software. Al

though, regarding Unreal and blueprints I'm mostly proficient. Now I can imagine an algorithm and put into a Blueprint. Before this version most algorithms was a copy from some video tutorial.

Software acquisitions, Asesprite and Ritmik. 

Asesprite is awesome for pixel art and animation. Ritmik is a similar choice as Asesprite, i hope that a simpler program will help me in start making SFX and music for the game. Still trying Ritmik out.


 -Camera still not good. cant figure out what to do. I think it has something to do with FPS variation or resolution conversion. Or both.

-Mik's collision is much better, but there are sometimes that mm get hurt when he shouldn't.

-On fisrt bomb uses there is a hard FPS drop, the engine accuses some bug. This happens only in the first bomb. Must investigate.


MM-v0.04.zip 89 MB
Feb 05, 2018

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